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Welcome to our Community Events Calendar!


Dr. Pennington's passion is to share healing information with the public in Johnson City. She often gives academic lectures on gastrointestinal topics, integrative medicine topics, and seasonal detox workshops. She also offers Yoga classes and Yoga Workshops. Dr. Pennington teaches at the Health Rescources Center (HRC) in the Johnson City Mall. There are two teaching locations; the small classroom and the large Annex classroom. The small classroom is located in the lower level of the mall between the Belk Women's store and the Belk home store. The large Annex classroom located at the back of the mall behind Belk, park in lot #17 and look for the green awning. Registration is a must for these classes so that if the class is cancelled or postponed due to weather or other reasons the nurses at the HRC can call and notify you. Dr. Pennington also lead's classes at her office for easy access to the walking trails.


Call 800-888-5551 to register for a class at the HRC.

Call 423-610-1177 to register for a class at Dr. Pennington's office.

The 10-Day Detox 


This is a 3-part series of lectures by Dr. Connie Pennington, MD based on Dr. Mark Hyman, MD's book, The 10-Day Detox. The goal is a transition to a whole food diet consisting of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables as well as organic meat choices. The first lecture describes the process and preparation phase. There is an excellent supplement overview. The group then decides on a start date and joins the FaceBook group. The second lecture centeres on detox-hacks that make life easier without sugar, dairy, and gluten. The third lecture is a coming together to celebrate results and centers on transitions to healthy life-time diet plans. The is a FREE series that is offered seasonally. 

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